Optimizing For The Big Three Browse Engines

Just a few years ago, the only goal of SEO was to increase traffic through increasing the search rank of a website. This was done by optimizing the site to gain authority with major search engine bots. SEO companies in Denver worked to improve both onsite and offsite ranking factors in order to convince complex programs that one site was the most popular and relevant one for certain keywords and phrases.

These factors might still matter. Still, they take second place to new search engine strategies. At the same time, SEOs who haven't changed their focus are likely to find that their rankings keep dropping because of competitors who have adapted to a new way of optimizing their sites.

How Has SEO Changed?

Webmasters and SEO experts still covet high ranks in search engines. A top spot in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can still bring in plenty of quality traffic that can help businesses prosper. However, the focus has switched from simply completing a mechanical series of steps that are intended to game the search engines. This is because the algorithms that these search engines use have become a lot smarter. They have been designed to reward website owners who produce quality content and attract attention the right way.

These old strategies of putting the right words on the page and collecting lots of external links no longer work like they used to. It might seem like it's a lot harder to convince major search engines that a particular website or page is credible and relevant. However, the ideas behind SEO changes are actually rather simple and sensible.

The New SEO is Smarter SEO

Smart SEOs have begun to focus on gaining traffic and keeping their audience. Attracting Internet visitors was always the goal get more info of SEO. It's just that proper optimization should be done with less regard for ranks. Authority links that can actually deliver traffic should be considered over lots of low-quality links. Content that attracts and engages Internet visitors is more important than using a specific keyword a certain number of times on a page.

The great thing about this new SEO is that it works on many levels. At the same time that the quality and the exposure of a website increases, it's also likely to begin ranking better. This makes the new SEO a smarter way of doing SEO.

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